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WE-ACT recognizes opportunities for collaboration and potential for synergies, not only within projects funded under the same topic but also between those funded under different topics, clusters, or pillars of Horizon Europe and beyond. Through joint activities, knowledge exchange, and alignment with the European Commission’s principles, we strive to amplify our impact. 

The iAMP-Hydro project will improve the operations of existing hydropower stations through the development of new digital sensors and services, which will collectively form iAMP: a novel intelligent Asset Management Platform encompassing secure, open and transparent data-sharing protocols and three novel digital solutions. These include new condition monitoring and predictive maintenance tools for hydropower turbines, the ecological water status monitoring and improved weather and flow forecasting.

Partner Perspectives: WE-ACT Journey

WE-ACT is not only concerned with the research of two headwaters of one of the most famous catchments in the context of transboundary water resource management, but goes a step further and creates efficient and holistic water allocation strategies for end-users, integrating them in the best possible way and taking their concerns into account at all times.
— Timo Schaffhauser, TUM

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