Identifying Key Stakeholders in Central Asia: IWMI’s Forward Strides in Naryn Region
IWMI Central Asia collaborated with key stakeholders in the energy, ecology, environment, and water sectors in Naryn City to drive forward one of the key tasks in the WE-ACT project.


To develop a transparent water-sharing regime based on the notion of benefit sharing, valuing the water resources, and adjusting climate-sensitive water allocation regimes, detailed stakeholder analysis and engagement are crucial.

In September 2023, Representatives from IWMI Central Asia, including Country Manager Mr. Oyture Anarbekov, met with stakeholders in Naryn Province, specifically with those from the Energy, Ecology, and Environment, as well as the Water sectors.

IWMI CA advances the WE-ACT project, opening the road for constructive change.

The meeting’s goal was to identify key stakeholders along the Naryn River. The meeting is a significant step forward for the IWMI’s Regional Representative Office for Central Asia and its Naryn Province partners. They will be able to discover innovative solutions to complex challenges and secure an equitable future for the region’s people and ecosystems by working together.

IWMI Central Asia is committed to continuing its collaboration with Naryn Provincial stakeholders and looks forward to further productive meetings in the future.